Computer-Assisted, Self-Transforming Leadership Evolution

Persistent Competency-Virtues

Systematic Leadership Development

The Book*
Winning Leadership

Living Your Leadership Legacy - Ascent of the Mountain

The Circle and Star - Total Leadership Evolution (CASTLE) combines a competency-based approach to learning leadership with purpose-driven leadership logic.  The result is that the actions taken to accomplish goals are consistent with and aligned to the Organizational Culture.  Flexible in implementation, "CAS" is adapted to your situation to provide an ever-evolving framework to help you identify and prioritize your leadership methods and actions.  Organizations identify and prioritize the competencies they wish to focus on based on MVVP - Mission, Vision, Values, and Purpose.  The Star at the center is you - Y for You!  And eTIPS is the acronym for ethics, trust, integrity, purpose, and spirit.  

The origins of CASTLE - The Circle and Star - Total Leadership Evolution - are, like the subject of leadership itself - mired in myth and mystery.  Leveraging the lessons handed down from the greats - individuals and organizations - the foundation and fundamentals of great leadership are captured and codified for 21st Century adaption and adoption. 
* Publication date - late 2019.

The CASTLE Competency Gauges

The CASTLE Competency Gauges, aka Leadership Speedometers, provide a visual indicator of "where you are" on your leadership learning curve.

The CASTLE Slider Bars - Measuring What Matters

The ability to Inspire Others and Influence Outcomes is Vital to your Success.  To ensure alignment of Purpose, Focus and Direction, ask the DoCs - Dimensions of Competence.

The Dimensions of Competence (DoC's)

How Can Castle Leadership Help You?

Vision to Value.  Clarity, Focus and Direction. Whether you are an experienced leader looking for new ways to further your abilities or someone just beginning your leadership journey, your ability to inspire others and influence outcomes is highly dependent on your credibility.  Credibility is a function of your competence and confidence - both of which will measurably increase as you work with Castle.  At a personal level, you will step-by-step - sometimes by leaps - build a solid foundation of empirically proven, essential 21st Century leadership competencies.  Then tailor that "alchemy of attributes" to leverage all your assets, create great value and improve the world.

How CASTLE Helps Leaders

Create and Accelerate Business Value


Value-Driven, Results-Oriented


Creating Asymmetric Advantage


21st Century Essentials

Strategic Execution



Create Asymmetric Advantage.


Always Be Leading 



Continuous Value



Reward Readiness. Repeatability &



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