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The VIE Life

How to Live Your  Leadership Legacy

How Visionaries, Innovators & Entrepreneurs (the VIE) Impact the World and Improve Lives.

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Winning Leadership

 Live an Inspired Life!

 A new model that makes the old models obsolete is now available.

 Use the 3-Phase, Discover, Design, and Deliver Blueprint and Roadmap accelerate your climb. It's relevant, realistic, resilient, & rewarding

21st Century Leadership Innovation

Living your leadership legacy begins at launch. 

Reap the rewards of living a life characterized by growth and fulfillment. This is the purpose and promise of Castle Leadership. It's not a promise for the future but a guarantee for today.

Use the Methods of the Masters


Define Your Destiny.


Design Your Dream.


Deliver Your Design.


"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them."
- Henry David Thoreau

Start Living Your Leadership Legacy Today!

Quicklook Leadership Assessment

When you discover your most vital opportunities for improvement, your life design (or re-design) becomes believable and achievable. Take the Castle Leadership “Quicklook” Assessment to get you started. Ten minutes here can accelerate your leadership elevation initiatives. (For personalized feedback from a Certified Life Coach, select the Bonus below).

This self-assessment takes about 10 minutes to answer 20 questions. Your results are confidential, and Castle Leadership does not sell or share your information.

JITTT Courses & Coaching - Just-in-Time, Totally Tailored Courses with Individualized Coaching Option

Individual Focus

Tailor your training to fit your unique needs. Let those personal needs drive your training and your results.

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Team Focus

Your Team has amazing potential. Learn what to do to optimize performance and maximize profits - psychic and economic.

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Innovation Focus

Innovation is the way we change the world. Leading innovation requires creativity, collaboration and commitment. Get it now.

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The LIONS Team:

Results-Oriented Innovation

(the new ROI).

Adapt and Apply the methods of today's greatest VIE - Visionaries, Innovators & Entrepreneurs.

CASTLE Announces:


- Leading Innovative Organizations Now - Systematically!

ROI Coaching, Consulting and Training


Circle and Star - Total Leadership Evolution

Applying the lessons of leadership success from world-class visionaries, innovators, and entrepreneurs to solve real-life problems and achieve audacious goals, Castle Leadership helps people and teams improve lives and make a better world. Put your positive dent in the  Universe. You don't have to be a Visionary, Innovator, or Entrepreneur (but it helps:). We'll show you how!

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