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Winning Leadership

Living Your Leadership Legacy
by Rick Pfautz

Winning Leadership revolutionizes the process of leadership development and the practice of leadership itself. With Winning Leadership, readers possess the power and efficacy of a Systems Approach to Leadership Development. Winning Leadership provides an innovatve, adaptable, hands-on prescription for living your leadership legacy. By combining a 21st Century knowledge foundation with a customizable tool (The LQ App™), you measurably increase your competence and confidence.  Experience the power as you systematically elevate your influence and effectiveness. Finally, a 21st Century leadership development breakthrough to boost your career and your life!

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What you will learn with this Book

How to Elevate Your Leadership Quotient:
 Climb the Leadership Ladder with increased confidence and credibility.

About the Author

Rick Pfautz

Following graduation from the US Air Force Academy, Rick entered the world of space Systems, As a Captain working with NSA and NASA, Rick was a project Officer for the first classified Shuttle payload. Joining a major Aerospace Company, he learned the business side of technology development working on the US Army's first World-Wide information system and various White House Projects. Later, he became a perennial National Sales Leader with a Fortune 500 Software company. These experiences, and his fascination with leadership and innovation, drove his research and writing about leadership. This application of engineering disciplines to metrics-driven Leadership Development ultimately led to the creation of the Leadership Quotient App (The LQ App) and this book. Rick is also the author of '21st Century sales Intelligence' published in 2016.

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